Mural brightens Concourse

The first of the Westpac Stadium Community Murals was completed on Tuesday, 4 August 2015 by 20 students from St Oran’s College, mentored by local artist Jade Townsend.

The students spent five hours on site at the Stadium bringing their concept to life on a giant canvas, using tape and stencils to achieve a colourful and vibrant design.

Jade and the students explored the theme of 'Identity' - how our stadiums, galleries and public spaces become the bookmarks to our cities' history, reflect our societies interests, memories and add to Wellington's vibrant culture. In the workshop students brought in a pattern from a piece of clothing or a special object that ‘shapes their identity’ and used that to contribute to a collaborative design. 

The final mural is stunning and really brightens up the Concourse area around Aisle 14.  

St Oran’s College is the first of 12 participating schools to complete their mural. Other schools will have their turn onsite over the next few months. 

All murals will be available for the public to view at Westpac Stadium events. 

Check out the photo gallery of the St Oran’s students in action.